There is a bug in iOS 7 and 7.02 that prevents authentication to IIS servers.  If you attempt to browse to a website that requires authentication, it will prompt for authentication, but never bring up the page.  You may see the correct URL in the address bar, but the page never loads.

This is not an issue for earlier versions of iOS.

There are two potential workarounds.  The first involves turning on private browsing and must be performed at the client.  The second is performed at the server, but can only be done for servers that do not require kerberos.

Client-fix: Turn on private browsing

(Note that Private mode prevents cookies from being stored, so the user may need to authenticate multiple times, depending on how the app works.)

  1. Turn on private browsing
    1. Tap the + to open a new tab
    2. Bottom left of the screen, turn on Private
  2. Close the Safari app
    1. Swipe up with four fingers
    2. Swipe left or right until you have the Safari app centered on your screen
    3. Swipe up to close it
  3. Launch Safari
  4. Go to website
  5. Enter credentials when asked
    1. Put “domain\” in front of the username
    2. Enter active directory password


Server-fix: Turn off kerberos

Stack Overflow has an excellent example for how to do this: