Run SQL 2012 Best Practices Analyzer on Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2

If you install the SQL 2012 best practices analyzer on a server running Microsoft’s “modern” OS 2012 or 2012 R2, you will run into a bug. When you launch Microsoft baseline configuration analyzer 2.0 and go to the “Select a product” drop-down, the list is blank. This occurs because the Models folder is blank.

Luckily, the fix is easy. You just need to copy the missing folder from Windows to ProgramData.

Copy the SQL2012BPA folder from:

Copy to:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2\Models

You should wind up with this folder:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2\Models\SQL2012BPA

Exit and relaunch Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0, and now you will see SQL Server 2012 BPA in the drop-down list. Select it and you can Start your scan.

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