While working on the Cireson portal adding image icons, I found that it only remembered the first graphic put in.  The fix takes a few steps, but it is relatively easy.

  1. Edit the request offering whose image is not updating and note the management pack it is stored in.
  2. Export the management pack.
  3. Use an xml editor to open the management pack.
  4. Search for your request offering.  You can search by title.
  5. Find the first line of your request offering section.  It begins with <RequestOffering>.
  6. Delete the entire <Image>encryptedimagedata</Image> line.
  7. “Save As” a copy of your edited MP in a new directory, but keeping the same file name.
  8. Import the management pack back into service manager.

The image will be read back into the management pack again and will update on the Cireson portal.