SQL by default is not configured to allow remote access.  There are three easy steps to configure it:

  1. Enable remote access in the properties
  2. Enable the protocol
  3. Restart Services

Detailed steps below:

  1. Enable remote access in the properties
    1. Launch SQL Management Studio
    2. Choose to connect to the Database Engine of the server
    3. Right-click Server Name and select Properties
    4. Select a page: Connections
    5. Check “Allow remote connections to this server”
    6. Select OK
  2. Enable the protocol
    1. Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager
    2. Select SQL Server Network Configuration
    3. Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
    4. Enable TCP/IP
  3. Restart SQL Services
    1. Run CMD Prompt as an Administrator
    2. net stop mssqlserver
    3. net start mssqlserver
    4. If other services were stopped when you stopped SQL server such as SQL Agent, you need to restart them too:
      Ex: net start sqlserveragent